Bra-fitting iOS app adds women comfort

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New York: Selecting bra is a puzzle for millions of women. Even from a mountain of bra, they may not be able to select the one which perfectly fits them. The mismatch between the breasts and cups is the villain. If one breast and the cup couple well, the other breast and cup are at loggerheads
This nagging problem of the women will soon be resolved. American entrepreneur Heidi Zak will come out with solution and will change the way woman shop for bras.
Zak says using the bra-fitting iOS app which belongs to her company ThirdLove, take two pictures of your breasts – either wearing a formfitting tank top or just your bras – one from the front, and one from the side. She guarantees that the photos are for fitting purposes only and that they wont be stored anywhere.
ThirdLove also provides a useful “breast dictionary’ ‘ – with names like East West, Sides set, Teardrop and Bell Shape that guide to users to the best fits.
She says on average, a woman purchases new bras once per yer, but the average ThirdLove customer buys a second bras within just 45 days.


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