Encounter with an amazing artist


The “EARTH” without “ART” is just “EH” so I just wanted to teach people the freedom and joy of painting.- H.A. GADE


Indian art,as we know it now has it’s roots spread across thousands of years.As a country India has gained a lot of respect from it’s art and artist.

Artist and their art have led a breathtaking affect on the Indian culture, tradition and history.

There are many renowned artists like M.F. Husain, S.H. RAZA, Rabindranath Tagore, Satish Gujral and many more but apart from all these great people there are many artist whose talents are still unknown and have either left their passion for making their both end meet and the one who are capable have opened their art shop. One such artist I met around few days back while I was visiting Delhi Haat named Manisha Swami.

She use to make KRISHANGARH SHALLY (kind of one side faced art)of the popular people from past.While I visited her shop she showed the sketches of Mirabai (a poet and artist) which she was making all alone without any help in a time span of 7 days with the help of pencil,vegetable colours (made by decaying vegetable in a pot and heating it and the steam being produced are sticking on the pot’s cover and are used as vegetable colour). There were Mughal Art,free hand painting,and some mirror art which were waterproof and were basically purchased to decorate washroom and bedroom.The mirror art is the group work made by the collaboration of 4 people and they are capable of completing one mirror art in 3 days .The specialty of the mirror art was that the brushes used to decorate it are made from the hairs of squirrel.

It was a wonderful talent. I have visited now it’s your time. I will ask the art lovers to have a visit once in Manisha swami’s shop.


-Sarthak Modi (Author is a journalism student at Amity University Greater Noida)