Fresh Trouble For K P Yohannan’s Gospel For Asia, Accused Of Fraud And Misuse Of Donations.

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There appears to be serious trouble brewing for Gospel for Asia (GFA), the second largest mission organisation in the US, is facing a lawsuit for fraud and misuse of charitable donations.

The Texas-based Christian charity, which is led by KP Yohannan, is considered one of the most significant missionary movements of the 20th century.

However it now faces legal action for allegedly “soliciting hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable donations, and then misdirecting the money into the personal empire” of Yohannan.

According to a report from the Christian Post, the lawsuit was initiated in the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas by the Dallas-based Stanley Law Group GFA, which says it is “committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our friends and donors” on its website, faces legal action for allegedly misrepresenting to donors how, when, and where charitable donations would be spent.

The lawsuit also charges that Yohannan and a number of other GFA workers funneled vast amounts of the hundreds of millions of dollars the organization has collected into for-profit businesses and an expensive headquarters.

This is not the first time Yohannan is in the eye of a storm and in centre of controversy. In the past too the operations of Gospel for Asia and Believers Church were scrutinized after Believers Church, under the guidance of Yohannan, purchased a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) rubber estate in Kerala, India. Opponents claimed the church had diverted foreign funds to amass land for itself and for uses other than declared purposes .



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