Taylor appears Naked in bed with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in rapper’s twisted new Famous video

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Kanye West has unveiled the bizarre and twisted new video for his song Famous that features an orgy of naked celebrities in bed together.
The visual features the controversial rapper with his wife Kim Kardashian naked and asleep, along with ten other celebs including Taylor Swift and Ray J.
A slow zoom out reveals their other bedmates to be Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna and Chris Brown, all snuggled up beside them in the enormous bed.West has so far kept quiet on how many – if any – of the famous faces are the actual real celebs, or just a combination of lookalikes and digital trickery.Kanye_West

In the song, Kanye infamously rapped about Taylor that he ‘made that b***h famous,’ and adds that they might still have sex.Swift, who is fully exposed, has pride of place beside Kanye himself.Meanwhile on Kim’s opposite side with his arm around her is her ex boyfriend Ray J, the co-star of the sex tape that arguably put her on the road to megastardom.

While all the men in the snoozefest – Kanye included – have their tackle covered up by strategically placed legs and sheets, the ladies are afforded no such cover.While Kim has been by no stretch of the imagination shy about showing off her bits before, just her famous rear is on display as she lies face down. The visual debuted in front of 8,000 people on a 100-foot screen at the L.A. Forum, as it was simultaneously released exclusively to Tidal subscribers. The image was clearly inspired American realist Vincent Desiderio’s painting ‘Sleep’, of 12 anonymous people in similar slumber poses.KIM-1

No word yet on whether or not any of these nude celebrities are real (there’s a good chance they’re all CGI), but Kanye is apparently fully expecting at least some of them to be unhappy about their cameos. Earlier today he allegedly posted on Twitter, “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait.” The tweet no longer exists.If any of the stars depicted in this video do decide to take legal action, we’re guessing they’ll have to beat the already annoyed Taylor Swift to the front of the line!


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